PCIE Wi-Fi Card vs USB – Comparison of Two Best Network Adapters

PCIE Wi-Fi Card vs USB

How do you make a choice when two devices do the same thing? How do you decide which one to pick and which one serves your purpose? These questions will buzz in your mind when you have to choose between PCI Wi-Fi cards and USB adapters.

They are both functionally the same. They both work extremely well. So, what’s the difference? Why are you being forced to choose between them? This article will answer all your doubts. We shall talk about their differences and uses so that it is easy for you going forward. Let’s start.

PCIe vs USB Wi-Fi

It all depends on your comfort level, to be honest. If you prefer ultimate convenience and do not like fiddling with the hardware, USB adapters are the right choice for you. They are also the best bet if you have a laptop. On the other hand, if you really need a strong signal and do not want to compromise on it, go for a PCIe adapter and power up your computer with superb Wi-Fi!

Keep in mind, though, that PCIe cards are more expensive than USB adapters. You should be sure to pick the right one according to your preferences, thus.

What is a PCI Wi-Fi card?

PCI Wi-Fi card1

PCI adapters allow excellent Wi-Fi connectivity thanks to their antenna. They pick up Wi-Fi easily and give you a seamless internet connectivity. These devices go into the hardware of your PC, and the antennae stick out from the back.

These adapters are also customizable. This means you can remove an antenna or two and replace with better ones if the signal is not too strong or if you need super-fast Internet at particular times. This particular feature makes them better than USB cards at picking up signals and delivering great results.

Another huge advantage with the PCI card is that you don’t have to use a USB slot for it. USB slots are super precious because they are almost universal and allow you to connect other devices. A Wi-Fi card using up one entire slot can be difficult if you want to connect multiple devices. With a PCI adapter, you eliminate this concern altogether.

What is a USB adapter?

USB adapter1

This is pretty self-explanatory. The USB adapter goes into the good old USB slot. It is extremely easy to use, and you do not need to worry about touching the hardware. The USB adapters are actually newer and weren’t really received well, but now, many people are warming up to them especially for the convenience.

The market has multiple varieties of USB adapters such as those with antennae and those that have a cradle. The cradle enables you to position the USB where the signal is the best.

A USB adapter is the best choice for those with laptops because you can’t physically install a PCI adapter in them. Also, USB adapters are easily affordable. You won’t feel the slightest pinch while purchasing one of them.


PCIe Wi-Fi cards and USB adapters, both are good options. They do their job very well. We are slightly inclined towards PCIe because they are more reliable when it comes to signal strength and we would rather use our USB ports for something else. However, they don’t come very cheap. That’s why we urge you to list out your priorities and see which of these network adapters works best for you.

We would love to know which one you ended up purchasing and why! Your insights could end up helping us improve this article. So, please feel free to Comment.

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