Is M.2 Worth it for Gaming? Click to Know the Answer

Is M.2 worth it for Gaming

Since a few years, for the geeks who want compact yet solid storage to their PC, the mSATA remained the first choice. Also, in the smaller CPU versions and mini motherboards, the mini PCIe expansion slots continued to dominate. All these only until the new form factor called M.2 came on the market. Though it has a different physics than the Mini PCIe, it delivers much faster performance. But, is it good for gaming? Let’s see the worthiness of M.2 for the gaming requirements.

The M.2 uses four PCI lanes instead of one, and that’s why it is capable of supporting much higher bandwidth than the SATA 3. It is a fact that the M.2 expansion slots now have become the priority while building a computer system of the modern generation.

Some Important Things About M.2:

  • One of the primary goals of designing M.2 cards was to make the smaller physical size of the storage.
  • They have the narrower sizes compared to the older mSATA. From the length of 30mm to 110mm, the M.2 cards allow you to choose your perfect networking card according to the size of your CPU.
  • M.2 SSDs consume low power than the other format of SSDs.
  • M.2 boards are available in both single-sided and double-sided versions.
  • They have ample storage space which makes them perfect for portable computer systems.
  • M.2 can gain the advantages of USB, PCIe, Audio, Display, I2C or SATA buses depending on the specifications of the motherboard.

Is M.2 Necessary for Gaming?

M.2 is undoubtedly a faster performing form factor, but when it comes to day to day gaming and other operating tasks, it does not make much difference. It can certainly improve the game loading time though.

So, M.2 cards will not much effect on the gaming speeds and the lagging. But, they can transfer the data to/from the system at almost five times faster than the traditional SSDs. Depending on the type of the M.2 key among A, B, E, and M (four letters assigned to the four keys), it can deliver the transfer rates of up to 25GB/s.

Is M.2 Worth it for Gaming?

If you have a normal gaming usage, then I will recommend you to go for the regular SSD than an M.2 because you will not see any significant difference between them apart from the game loading speed. And also the M.2 cards are much expensive than the traditional storage drives.

But, if you are doing multiple high-end tasks like 4K gaming along with 4K movie streaming, then M.2 will inevitably become a better choice. And if the budget doesn’t worry you much, then you should take advantage of this advanced form factor, especially for the portable systems like laptops.

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