Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 Reviewed and Compared

Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7265

If you are looking for a network adapter that’s fast and can give you better coverage and capacity, the Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7265 should be on your shortlist. A masterpiece from Intel, this one comes loaded with features that can boost your Internet usage experience.

Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 Reviews

Here we give you a detailed review of the Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7265 so that you know whether it is the right one for you:

Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7265 Specs

With a dual band, Bluetooth, and 2×2 Wi-Fi, many reports that it is a fantastic adapter, especially in its price range. Here, we have listed out its features for you:Intel Dual Band Wireless Adapter

  • You can enjoy up to 867 Mbps speed with this adapter, which is around 3X more than you would typically expect.
  • With every stream, you get better bandwidth, which easily goes up to 433 Mbps.
  • The company also promises better battery and broader coverage.
  • You can enjoy optional 802.11 ac features with the adapter.
  • It supports Bluetooth 4.0, which means it easily connects to the newest Bluetooth devices with ease. The power consumption is also considerably less.
  • The Microsoft InstantGo*2 Support ensures that network connectivity stays seamless even with low power consumption so that you keep receiving emails and notifications from social handles in standby mode.
  • It supports a wide range of operating systems in Linux and Windows.
  • It is combined with 5th Generation Intel Core processors for exceptional performance.
  • It has multiple form factors: M.2 2230 and M.2 1216. These ensure flexibility when it comes to the usage of platforms.
  • It comes with a warranty of 1 year.

Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7265 Problems

Like every other technology product, you may encounter a few problems when you use the Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7265.

  • A major problem that many have reported is with the Wi-Fi driver. Thankfully, you can find the solution for this yourself. The moment you install it, you must ensure that all the drivers are updated. If not, you should do it immediately. This will solve your problems.
  • However, if you still face disconnection problems, you may want to turn off power saving mode by going into Control Panel and choosing Power Options under the Hardware and Sound option. In Power Options, Edit Plan Settings. Choose Advanced Power Settings and Select Wireless Adapter here. You will see Power Saving Mode. Set the options in this to maximum performance.
  • You may also want to set all the advanced settings of the Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7265 by going to Device Manager > Network Adapters > Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7265 > Properties (Right click). A point to note here is that you must use 2.4 GHz for a better connection. All the settings in the properties must also align with the settings of the router you are using.
  • You may also want to try setting Roaming Aggressiveness to Lowest and setting the AD HoC QoS Mode to WMM Disabled.

If all this fails and you are still suffering with a bad connection, you may want to talk to certified professionals.

The Verdict

The Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7265 is easily among the best ones out there, and if you want something reliable and seamless, you must choose this. The fact that it is also affordable makes it better! We suggest you go for it!

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