How to Connect Wii to TV with Component Cables – Easiest Method

How to Connect Wii to TV with Component Cables

Component video connection ensures a high-quality analog video signal between devices. Implying that when you connect Wii to TV with component cables it would give you high-definition image resolutions. Component cables or the YPbPr component video uses the red and white audio connectors and the video is divided into three components, of which one is for brightness while the other two are for color information.

There are several other ways on how to connect Wii to TV. You can use the default TV cables that come with the console or the Wii TV cable. You can also use the S-Video cable for connecting the console to your TV. If you are in short of ports you can also prefer to use a SCART connector on your TV. You can also use a Wii to HDMI adapter for connecting to a Smart TV. Not just TV, but you can also connect your Nintendo Wii to a VGA monitor with an RCA to VGA breakout cable. But the connection made from a Wii to a TV through component cables or you can say the Wii component cable setup is the most reliable one. However, you must be aware that whatever method you choose for connection, the resolution of 480p is the maximum output you can get from the Nintendo’s Wii.

Now that you know of the various methods one can connect their Nintendo Wii to a TV, let’s move on to the easiest method of connection. Follow the steps given below for how to connect Wii to TV with component cables.

How to Connect Wii to TV with Component Cables

Connect Wii to TV with Component Cables

Step 1:

Find the input jacks for audio/video cable and component cable on your TV.

Note that the component inputs can be found beside the RCA inputs, as the red/white audio cables can be used for both.

Step 2:

Insert the rectangular plug of the Wii Component video cable into the ‘Digital AV Out’ port on the backside of your Nintendo Wii console.

Step 3:

Now you need to match the color codes on the inputs. The red and white audio jacks are to be inserted into matching inputs and the process needs to be repeated for cables red, blue, and green. 

In rare cases when this cannot be followed try connecting the cables to the correct input labels. For Audio, you need to connect red to right AV input and white to left AV input. Moreover, for the Video, you should be connecting green to Y component input, blue to Pb/Cb component input, and red to Pr/Cr component input.

Step 4:

If you have a TV capable of Progressive Scan feature, you need to enable the Progressive Scan mode once the component cables are connected at both ends to a Wii console and your TV. On the successful connection of your Wii to TV, the console will output a progressive scan signal.

Step 5:

Once the connection of your Wii and TV has been done, power on the Nintendo Wii and check for the “Input Select” option on your TV. You need to click on a “TV/Video” button on your television control panel or its remote control which will enable you to view the display that’s directly from your Nintendo Wii.

If your TV doesn’t have a “TV/Video” button, try to locate the AV, AUX, EXT, Input, or Input Select from your remote control or the TV control panel. In some cases going to some specific channels such as 00 or 99 also works. You can also go through your TV’s user manual to get to the correct channel or mode so you can view the video from the console.

Step 6:

Once you are able to view the Nintendo Wii display on your TV, you are all set to go. 

Final Thoughts

With the elimination of HDMI cables on one of the best-selling consoles of its generation – The Nintendo Wii, component cables are a savior to allow your Wii to play on your TV. Follow the above steps and get the best quality gaming session on your TV.

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