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Do Games Run Better on SSD over HDD

We live in the golden gaming era, where every game is life-like. We are immersed in it completely since it happens in real-time. Plus, the technological advancements in recent times have taken the gaming industry by storm. Games are faster, more realistic, more immersive, and what not! 

Do Games Run Better on SSD over HDD?

When we delve deeper into this world, you will see that there’s a newfound confusion among gamers. Should we choose SSD or stick to HDD to store our games? Traditional hard drives were the go-to until recently, but with a drastic drop in SSD prices, gamers are actually reconsidering. Do games run better on SSD? The only way to find out is to conduct a thorough analysis, and we have done it for you already! Keep reading for complete information.

Loading timeLoading time

SSDs clearly take it away in this aspect. SSDs offer faster read and write times, which directly decreases the load time. This means that your game will load fast, and your operating system won’t take too long to boot. This is a huge advantage that many gamers adore. 


SSDs win here as well. SSDs are at least 2 times faster than HDDs. This means that apps will open in a jiffy if you install them on the SSD.

In-game performance

Do games load faster on SSD? Yes. But, does that affect the in-game performance? No. Multiple tests and comparisons have revealed that SSDs and HDDs are the same when it comes to in-game performance. If there’s a difference, it is negligible.


SpeedSSDs are completely silent, while HDDs tend to make some amount of noise. If you want complete silence from the drives when you play, you have to choose an SSD because they do not have any moving parts. HDDs do make noise, but most are not loud or annoying. They are manageable. So, this totally depends on your preferences.


The failure rate of SSDs has been recorded below 0.5%, while that of HDDs can be between 2 and 5%. That’s a huge difference. Through these numbers, it is clear that solid-state drives are at least 4 times more reliable. 



HDDs will be your best friends for at least 10 years, while you can’t expect SSDs to last longer than 5-6 years. However, you should know that the performance of your HDD will go down over time, forcing you to buy a new one much before 10 years. If you consider this, you will note that there’s barely any difference between HDDs and SSDs when it comes to longevity.


HDDs are easy on the pocket but, on the other hand, SSDs can be a matter of concern when it comes to cost. Even though their prices have decreased over the years, they continue to be expensive. In fact, high-capacity SSDs are out of budget for most. HDDs, on the other hand, are common and easily affordable.

SSD vs. HDD gaming – Who wins?

SSD vs. HDD gaming

Now that we have compared both the drives, we will be able to deduce whether you should install games on SSD or HDD. Our answer will surprise you.

They both win! 

The best way to make the most out of the drives is to buy both! Get a 500 GB SSD (it will cost you less) and a big HDD. Store your game in the SSD and all the data in the HDD. This way, you will make the most out of both! Simple yet brilliant, right?

If you are a hard-core gamer and do not mind spending a few extra bucks, you can totally go with a high-capacity SSD and ignore the HDD altogether. However, based on our research, most prefer the first option. What are you going to pick? Feel free to tell us through comments!

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