Difference between U.2 and M.2 SSD – Which One is Best for You

M.2 Vs U.2

Some of us just pick out the first SSD we see with good reviews. Some others rely on our friends to make the pick for us. Both these approaches are wrong, according to us, because there are so many different features that SSDs offer, you cannot ignore them and pick whatever you see.

For example, there are U.2 SSDs and M.2 SSDs. Each of them has features that you must go through to understand which one to pick. Blindly picking up one may not help because you might end up with something that you don’t want or need.

Let’s go through and see the main differences between the two SSDs so that you get a comprehensive answer to U.2 vs. M.2:

M.2 Vs U.2




The U.2 SSD comes with a separate cable, enabling you to keep it away from the motherboard. It is also compatible with an assortment of devices, making it easier to use. It uses the highest number of PCI lanes.

U.2 SSD is the rage right now because it is new and offers amazing performance. It can also be stacked and adapt to M.2 is you wish to. You can enjoy 5x transfers with U.2, when compared to SATA Express, and the power consumption is minimal.

One downside here is that you may not have enough options to explore when it comes to U.2 SSDs.



If you are looking at not using slots on your mobile workstations any more, you must go with M.2 SSD. It has no cable and connects directly to the motherboard. The good news is that you can use it with most ports so you won’t miss the cable. It offers PCIe and 6.0 GBPS speeds by default, making it a powerhouse.

You also have various options that you may choose from while shopping for M.2 SSD. You can choose from different sizes, depending on your casing. No compromise there!


Which one must you buy? We know this is the biggest question hovering in your head. The choice is simple – it depends on the expansion you are looking at and the functionality. You can see here clearly that the main difference between the two is the presence/absence of cable and the choice of sizes.

M.2 dominates the markets right now, but U.2 is not far away. We expect it to attract gaming enthusiasts soon, just as much as M.2 does.

The other options in their league are fading away with M.2 and U.2 emerging as the most powerful. M.2 is a great catch if you only have a small case to work with.

SATA Express is now a thing of the past with so much going on in the world of computer bus interface. M.2 and U.2 are the interfaces of the future. We hope you make the right choice between them based on this article!

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