Best WiFi Display Dongle – Wireless Screen Mirroring Devices of 2020

Best WiFi Display Dongle

Roku, Google Chromecast, and Apple TV (I will not review them here) all have their respective place in a living room. But what about the screen mirroring needs in a board meeting, office presentation, or an on-the-go mobile to TV content transfer? Yeah, these devices have those capabilities to make them worthy for these requirements too, but due to some restrictions on their working, users need to have other options in mind.

One of the major setbacks of such devices is that they can work only with some particular type of model. For example, you can connect the Apple TV only to the Mac, iPhone, or iPad device (let me know If I forgot something here). A good-quality screen mirroring adapter can work great in such situations.

There are some affordable yet top-quality options in the market that can perform the screen mirroring tasks with ease & comfort. Let’s have a look at some most sought display dongles available in the market.

Best WiFi Display Dongle

1. Actiontec SBWD60A01 ScreenBeam Display Dongle

Actiontec SBWD60A01 ScreenBeam Mini2 Wireless Display ReceiverThe first on the list is the ScreenBeam mini 2 WiFi display receiver from Actiontec. It comes with a seamlessly working USB interface that helps you to enjoy your favorite movies, videos, images, games, and other content on the biggest screen in your home or office.

Features of Actiontec SBWD60A01 ScreenBeam Mini2 are:

  • It will help you to virtually share any online or local content from your small device screen to a bigger HDTV display.
  • It is compatible with all the WiFi standard certified Wi-fi ready devices like laptops, Ultrabook’s, smartphones, tablets, NVIDIA SHIELD gaming console, etc.
  • The dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) support eliminates RF interference to deliver the smooth and fast streaming of the content.
  • The easy installation process helps you to set up the dongle in less than a minute.
  • It supports 1080P video and stereo audio1 projects.
  • The miracast technology enabled smartphones, tablets, Windows systems, and Android 4.2 Plus devices to work perfectly with this WiFi display dongle.


2. Microsoft P3Q-00001 Wireless Miracast Display Adapter

Microsoft P3Q-00001 Wireless Miracast Display AdapterThis wireless display adapter from Microsoft will help you to sling the screen from your Android mobile or computer to a bigger TV screen. This rectangular device has a similar look to a USB stick. It uses a USB power, so you can use a USB power supply or an extension cord if your TV doesn’t have one.

Features of Microsoft P3Q-00001 Miracast Screen Mirroring Adapter are:

  • This miracast device is not restricted to any application and you can mirror any type of content from your mobile device to an HDTV or a computer monitor.
  • It has a wireless range of up to 23 feet to ensure a comfortable distance from your big screen.
  • This dongle is also compatible with Windows computers, phones, tablets, etc. You do not require an Internet connection to use it.
  • This small HDMI stick will help you to stream the contents like photos, music, videos, games, applications, etc. without any problem.
  • It is easy to set up and use which makes it acceptable even for the persons who are mirroring the screen for the first time.


3. Mpio Wireless Dongle for TV

Microsoft P3Q-00001 Wireless Miracast Display AdapterThis Mpio wireless dongle can comfortably mirror the audios and videos from your Android, iPhone, tablet, or any other mobile device to a TV or a computer monitor. It will help you to share the content with your family & friends with ease & comfort.

Let’s see what the Wireless Screen Mirroring Dongle from Mpio offers:

  • This multimedia display receiver is compatible with three transmission paths including Miracast(Android 5.0 and higher), Airplay(iOS 6.0 and later), and DLNA.
  • You can stream online and offline data like movies, pictures, videos, web browsing, music, game broadcasting, etc.
  • It has full HD support by offering a 1080P resolution to provide you stunning visuals on the screen.
  • This unit has a compact & lightweight design which makes it extremely portable and easy to carry.
  • It is simple to set up and use which is one of the main reasons for the full positive reviews from the users.
  • The company provides a one-year warranty on the product to let you have a hassle-free purchase.


4. SUMBOAT Wireless Portable Display Dongle

SUMBOAT Wireless Portable Display DongleThis portable screen mirroring device from SUMBOAT is another great product recommended by the experts. It is compatible with almost all the platforms of mobiles, computers, and TVs which is a big plus point.

Offerings of the WiFi Display Dongle from SUMBOAT are:

  • It supports Airplay, Miracast, and DLNA modes to synchronize the content between two devices.
  • The different platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS run in the same mode in this device, so you need not worry about switching between them.
  • It comes with a plug-n-play feature which means you do not need to install any driver or application to use it.
  • The ultra-compact design makes it an on-the-go screen mirroring device and can work perfectly as a car WiFi display.
  • It supports 1080P video quality to let you enjoy the content at its best.
  • In the package, you will get a wireless screen mirroring device, one HDMI extension & USB cable, and one user manual.


5. Asus Miracast WiFi Display Dongle

Asus Miracast WiFi Display DongleAsus is a well-known brand for providing computer & gaming accessories. And this wireless mirroring dongle is another great product from the company. It will let you sit back on your sofa and enjoy the content from your mobile device to a bigger TV screen.

Features of Asus Miracast Wireless Screen Mirroring Device are:

  • It comes with easy plug-and-play functionality to provide you the power of enjoying it without any time-consuming and lengthy installation processes.
  • Now, you can view any type of content on the bigger screen like a TV or monitor from your smartphone through its instant mirroring service. You can even zoom in the photos you are watching on the display.
  • With dedicated gaming support, this dongle will allow you to enjoy the real-time gaming of your mobile on a big TV screen.
  • It supports full HD 1080P videos to let you enhance your viewing experience without missing any bit of a picture.
  • This miracast dongle is compatible with the Android 4.2 & later as well as Windows 8 & later (like GR8, ROG, etc.).
  • It is easy to install & has a beginner-friendly operation.


6. SmartSee Wireless Display Screen Mirroring Dongle

BQYPOWER Wireless Display Screen Mirroring Dongle ReceiverThe USB wireless display dongle from SmartSee helps you to enjoy the clear and sharp content on a big HDTV screen from your mobile devices. If your mobile or tablet supports the screen mirroring service (all the latest models do, but still I recommend to check and confirm), then you do not need to think twice before buying this receiver.

Features of SmartSee WiFi Display Receiver for Screen Mirroring are:

  • It supports 1080P full HD resolution to let you enjoy the streaming of your favorite videos, games, movies, pictures, etc. from your mobile or tablet to a big HD TV.
  • The compatibility to Google Chromecast, Miracast, Google Home, Airplay, DLNA, etc. protocols make it acceptable across all the major platforms.
  • The 2.4GHz band with the latest 802.11 b/g/n wireless standard support will provide good stability and content transfer rate which is much needed in the business meetings, online playing, and such other situations.
  • It supports Android 5.0 plus and iOS 9.0 plus. It automatically upgrades online when a new version is available.
  • You will get a 12-month replacement warranty, as well as a money-back, guarantee in special cases by the company which shows how confident they are about their product.


7. Google Chromecast Ultra WiFi Display Dongle

GOSMOO WiFi Screen Mirroring DongleGoogle Chromecast Ultra wireless display dongle is another great product recommended by the experts to mirror the screen of your mobile device to a bigger TV or computer monitor screen. This dongle receiver is the cheapest in this list of the best screen mirroring devices, but that does not mean that it is lacking in any important aspect of working.

Let’s see what the Google Chromecast Ultra offers:

  • It will help you to cast the content like movies, videos, images, real-time gaming, documents, etc. from your smartphone, tablet, PC, etc. to a bigger screen like a TV or a projector.
  • The compact and lightweight design of this receiver make it extremely portable and easy to carry anywhere you go.
  • It comes with a plug-and-play feature which means you do not need to install any driver or application to use it.
  • This dongle supports Google Chromecast, Miracast, Airplay, etc. protocols for sharing the screen of mobile devices.
  • In the package, you will get a WiFi display dongle, an external WiFi antenna with a USB cable, and a manual.


Is screen mirroring really helpful?

Well, it depends. It is true that you can mirror the content from your small devices like mobile, tablet, PC, etc. to a big display like a Television set or a projector screen. But, for that, you need to check the compatibility of your devices. If you have a supported, powerful, and a flawless dongle which supports your transmitter & receiver both, then you will get stunning visuals, otherwise, you may have to face lagging and shaky experience.

Are screen mirroring and streaming the same?

Almost, but not exactly.

Streaming means the device will transform the content to your TV directly from the online sources like Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Prime Videos, etc. On the other hand, screen mirroring means the device will mirror the content of the small device like mobile to a big screen like a TV. The content can be online or offline while mirroring.

Most of the streaming devices also offer screen mirroring services. But, not vice versa.


There are many wireless display receivers available in the market which can make your task a little bit difficult for choosing the best mirroring device. That is the main reason for creating this guide with the top 7 most reviewed products along with some useful information on screen mirroring. I hope this article may help you in some way.

Enjoy the screen mirroring service in its best way possible.

Thanks for reading.

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