Best Wi-Fi extender for ring camera – Boost the signal with ease

Ring cameras help us stay safe at home by constantly alerting us about strange movements. The system is motion-sensitive, which means that when it detects motion, its floodlight gets activated. This discourages evil acts and lets us sleep peacefully each night.

Now, it is needless to point out that ring cameras need a Wi-Fi connection. How else will they track movements? Not just that. They need a strong signal to work correctly. Imagine what would happen if an intruder entered your property, and the camera was unable to function due to a bad signal. Scary! 

Worry not, though. We are here to help as always. Today, we bring you the best Wi-Fi extender for ring cameras. Pick one from our list and breathe easy, knowing that your ring camera is on the job without interruptions. 

Here we go!

Best Wi-Fi extender for ring camera

1. ALLYAG Wi-Fi Extender

ALLYAG Wi-Fi ExtenderALLYAG has emerged as quite a reliable brand with its Wi-Fi signal booster. It is compatible with smart devices and promises full coverage. Some of its features are simply outstanding. Let’s take a look:

  • It offers a 1200 Mbps transmission rate, allowing you to use both bands simultaneously.
  • It works to reduce interference and ensure seamless connectivity.
  • It comes with 4 Wi-Fi antennae that help cover dead zones and deliver better performance.
  • The extender has multiple modes that you can switch to with one step. The modes are repeater, router, and AP.
  • Along with ensuring excellent connectivity for the ring camera, it connects to iOS and Android devices, gaming consoles, smart devices, laptops, etc.
  • The extender extends to 165 feet.
  • It gives great signal even through walls.
  • It is compatible with almost all mainstream routers, and you can set it up very easily with your phone or computer.
  • The repeater supports all devices of 802.11 a/g/n/b/c standards.

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2. AC1200 Wi-Fi Extender and Repeater

AC1200 Wi-Fi Extender and Repeater

Here’s another dual-band extender that also doubles as a booster and repeater. With this, you can expect speeds of up to 1200 Mbps! What else, you ask? Read on, we say!

  • The dual-band extender gives you a high-quality signal on both bands. With 2.4 GHz, you can expect around 300 Mbps, while with the 5 GHz band, you can expect a maximum of 867 Mbps.
  • Thanks to its 4 antennae, you can expect a great signal throughout your house. It covers almost all dead zones.
  • The gigabit port on the extender lets you use it as an adapter whenever needed.
  • Whether you have gaming consoles, smart TVs, iOS devices, or Android devices, the extender has you covered.
  • One of the features that we absolutely adore is the smart signal indicator on the booster. It will tell you which the perfect spot in your house is!
  • The configuration is very easy. You can set it up using any computer or phone. The package includes a manual (quick installation guide) to help you through the entire process.
  • The extender is compatible with AC 802.11 n/g/b standards. It requires a 100-240 V socket to work well.

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3. NETGEAR EX3700 Wi-Fi Extender

NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender EX3700

If you are looking to ensure that your signal covers around 1000 sft., you won’t go wrong with NETGEAR. It remains one of the best choices out there for all your signal and connectivity issues. Here’s why we advocate its purchase:

  • It can connect up to 15 devices and offers 750 Mbps performance.
  • It works on the patented FastLane Technology to enable incredible speed.
  • The extender works with all wireless routers, cable modems, and gateways. However, if the firmware of your device is altered, you may have connectivity issues.
  • It has an ethernet port to let you connect gaming consoles directly.
  • The extender ensures safety by supporting popular security protocols.
  • The setup is as simple as it gets. You just have to press a button! The entire process will not take more than 5 minutes, the brand claims.
  • Its external antennae seal in better performance all day.

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4. Super Boost Wi-Fi Extender

Super Boost Wi-Fi Extender

The Super Boost Extender is compact, aesthetic, and extremely reliable. We think it is one of the best ones out there in its price range. You must definitely consider it. Below are the reasons why we say so:

  • It doubles as a repeater. In this mode, you can get a stronger wireless network.
  • When you switch to the AP mode, you will be able to add a Wi-Fi access point.
  • It extends Wi-Fi to hard-to-reach places and ensures 300 Mbps speed.
  • The install is straightforward. You can simply plug it in and use it.
  • It has a WPS button that supports safe encryption. Moreover, it supports multiple encryption methods such as WPA, WEP, WPA2, WPA/WPA2, etc.
  • The extender also has an ethernet port that lets you connect gaming consoles and other devices directly. It supports all 802.11 n/g/b devices.
  • The main thing to remember here is that the extender supports 2.4 GHz band only.
  • The package includes a network cable and a user manual along with the product itself.

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5. TP-Link Wi-Fi Extender – N300

TP-Link Wi-Fi Extender – N300

It is not really possible to write about Wi-Fi extenders and not include a product from TP-Link. The brand has made an indisputable mark because it sells excellent products that are easily affordable. Let’s learn about its N300 Wi-Fi extender now:

  • This one is for relatively small areas because it covers around 800 ft. and can simultaneously connect 8 devices.
  • It offers speeds of up to 300 Mbps.
  • Its antennae eliminate dead spots and boost coverage.
  • The extender is compatible with most access points, gateways, and routers.
  • It comes with a smart indicator that tells you which spot is the best for its installation.
  • With the gigabit ethernet port, you can enjoy lag-free connectivity even with wired devices.
  • You can create a schedule to turn the extender off automatically at certain times of the day.
  • Thanks to the WPS button and the TP-Link Tether app, setup and configuration are very easy.
  • It only works on 2.4 GHz frequency.

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Important note: Wi-Fi extender can only extend the signal up to what your ISP offers. For example, if you have purchased a 700 Mbps plan, you won’t get 1200 Mbps, even if the extender promises to do so. The number given is indicative of the extender’s capability, and the output you get totally depends on your data plan.

We hope this article has helped you clarify doubts about Wi-Fi extenders for ring cameras. They are all suitable, of course, but we urge you to pick one based on the coverage offered and other factors such as price, number of devices, and frequency.

Don’t forget to let us know if you have any suggestions or doubts. We always look forward to your comments.

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