Best PCI-E WiFi Card – Fastest Wireless Cards of 2020

Best PCI-E WiFi Card

Are you on the pursuit of getting the best PCI-E WiFi adapter card? Yes?

Then, hopefully, I can assist you with that. Here, you will see the details of the most sought PCI-E wireless cards today.

PCI (PCI-E) Wireless Card

A PCI Express (PCI-E) is a newer standard of PCI card which is an adapter that you can install in your PC by using the PCI expansion slot on the board. It will help you to connect a nearby network wirelessly.

Why use a PCI-E card?

Most of the desktop computers still don’t have the feature to connect to a wireless network. Yes, the Ethernet is a dependable way to connect a computer with the Internet modem for good speed and connectivity. But, running the cables throughout the room cannot be a practical thing always. In such cases, a PCI-E WiFi card will help in a great way by enabling the PC for connecting to the wireless network in your home or office.

Yes, many desktop PCs have WiFi features in terms of radio and antennas placed inside the case. But, they mostly work on the old wireless standards and thus may not be able to provide you with the best wireless performance. So, it is more beneficial to use a PCI-E wireless card.

Best PCI-E WiFi Card

1. TP-Link Archer T6E AC1300 PCIe WiFi Card

TP-Link Archer T6E AC1300 PCIe Wireless Network Adapter Card with HeatsinkThis dual-band adapter from TP-Link is a capable device from the Archer series which will efficiently connect your PC to a nearby wireless network. It provides ideal speed and performance needed for online gaming, web browsing, video streaming, and other requirements.

Features of TP-Link Archer T6E PCI-E Adapter Card are:

  • It has dual band support of 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz which provides an ultimate speed of 1300Mbps (400Mbps + 867Mbps).
  • This card comes with an inbuilt heatsink technology to improve its reliability and to make you worry-free from the overheating issues.
  • It comes with two external antennas which will help to increase the wireless range of the connection and to improve the stability of the signal.
  • The Archer T6E is compatible with all the Windows Operating Systems and can be easily set up in your PC.
  • The WPA and WPA2 encryption security protocols ensure that you will have a secure connection against the unwanted intruders in your network.
  • You will get an industry-leading two-year warranty and 24×7 technical support from the company to have a hassle-free purchase of the product.


  • Priority to data transfer between the devices
  • Long range of WiFi network
  • Pre-applied heatsink
  • High connection speeds


  • Price is a little bit high


2. EDUP WiFi PCIe Network Adapter Card

EDUP WiFi PCIe Network Adapter CardThis EDUP PCI-E wireless dual band card has one of the fastest next-generation chipsets named as EP-9607S. It supports the latest IEEE 802.11AC wireless standards and is backwardly compatible with the other 802.11 a/b/g/n protocols. With the help of great intuitive characteristics, this adapter card will provide a smooth transition and seamless interconnection.

Features of EDUP PCI-E Wireless Card for PC are:

  • With the help of the advanced Beamforming technology and dual-band support, it offers a great speed of 867Mbps on 5Ghz and 400Mbps on 2.4Ghz frequencies.
  • It comes with two 6dBi external antennas to provide the best possible signal from the network to your devices.
  • An installation CD that comes in the box will show you the step-by-step instructions to set up the network adapter card quickly & conveniently.
  • The WPA/WPA2 security standards will make you have a safe network and protects against the threat of intruders.
  • It is compatible with all the Windows OS systems.
  • The company provides a valuable warranty of replacement or refund depending on the circumstances.
  • In the box, you will get a PCI-E WiFi adapter, a user manual, an installation CD, two 5dBi antennas, one screwdriver, and two screws.


  • Ideal for 4K video streaming
  • online gaming, and large file downloading
  • Dual high gain antennas
  • Installation CD for the beginners
  • Good transmission rate and signal capturing


  • A bit confusing Instructions


3. ASUS PCE-AC56 WiFi PCI-Express Adapter

ASUS PCE-AC56 WiFi PCI-Express AdapterThe experts in the field recommend the PCE-AC56 wireless adapter. If you are looking for the top, reliable, stable, and scalable PCI-E card, then this ASUS network adapter will not let you down.

Features of ASUS PCE-AC56 PCI-E Card are:

  • It is not the fastest PCI-E card out there but is an editor’s choice for its reliability, signal availability, and connection speeds.
  • The extensible design of the WiFi card makes it able to prioritize the data transfer services.
  • You will not need any messy Ethernet cable as this adapter will instantly upgrade your network to the latest wireless 802.11ac standards.
  • The Broadcom TurboQAM technology offers a great transfer speed of up to 867Mbps on a 5Ghz band and up to 400Mbps on a 2.4Ghz band.
  • With the WEP (64-bit & 128-bit), WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK, and WPS encryption protocols, you will get a secured connection on your network.
  • It supports all the Windows Operating Systems to provide the flexibility of using it.


  • Instantly upgrades the PC to the 802.11AC wireless standards
  • Delivers 150% greater signal coverage
  • Good wireless range


  • No support to the Linux systems


4. Rosewill RNX-AC1900PCE PCI-Express WiFi Card

Rosewill RNX-AC1900PCE PCI-Express WiFi Adapter Network CardThis product is the priciest network card on this list. The WiFi adapter card from Rosewill will provide excellent speeds and connectivity over your wireless networks. It can be a drastic upgrade to your desktop PC for connecting to a wireless Internet network. Though the brand is not so famous as the ASUS or TP-Link, that doesn’t mean it lacks in quality and performance. That’s why it has gained a spot in this list of the best PCI-E WiFi cards for PC.

Features of Rosewill RNX-AC1900PCE PCI-E Network Adapter Card are:

  • It upgrades your computer to the latest IEEE 802.11AC wireless standards and supports the old IEEE 802.11 A/B/G/N backwardly to provide you optimum speeds always.
  • With the dual band support (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz), it can deliver a maximum network speed of 1900Mbps (1300Mbps + 600Mbps) for a lag-free gaming, HD video streaming, and large file downloading.
  • With encryption protocols like WPA, WPA-2, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, and WEP (64-bit, 128-bit) as well as Beamforming technology, it provides stronger connectivity and reliable connections.
  • The three Omni-directional antennas will help to capture the WiFi signals from a far distance.
  • It is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and XP Operating Systems.


  • Superior long-range connection
  • Three omnidirectional, upgradeable antennas
  • Advanced security protocols & wireless standards
  • Great speed with a dual band network


  • Linux not supported


5. TP-Link TL-WN881ND N300 PCI-E Wireless Card for PC

TP-Link TL-WN881ND N300 PCI-E Wireless Card for PCOnce again on the list, the brand TP-Link comes with another efficient product. The TL-WN881ND from the company is a powerful model that is ideal for playing online games, streaming 4K videos, making an Internet call, and downloading large files over the WiFi network.

Features of TP-Link TL-WN881ND N300 Wireless Card are:

  • The N300 comes with MMIO innovation technology which means it offers dependable and quick service.
  • You can easily set up this adapter card with a WPS secured link.
  • It upgrades your PC to the latest 802.11 IEEE wireless standards and supports Windows OS and Linux systems.
  • The two detachable high-performance antennas provide great flexibility and connection range.
  • It provides a great speed of 300Mbps which is enough for high-end gaming and HD video playing.
  • You will get a two-year warranty for this WiFi card from TP-Link.


  • Compatible with both Windows and Linux
  • Adjustable antennas that can be adjusted according to the environment
  • Industry-leading warranty & support
  • Easy to installation


  • Does not provide Gigabit speed 
  • Need a setup before use


6. FebSmart N600 PCI Express (PCIe) WiFi Adapter

FebSmart N600 PCI Express (PCIe) WiFi AdapterThe FebSmart N600 is not the fastest wireless card for PC but can provide a fast-enough speed to help you play lag-free games and stream HD videos. When you install this card in the PCI-E slot of your desktop computer, it will instantly upgrade your PC to the latest IEEE 802.11ac wireless standard.

Features of FebSmart N600 PCI-E Wireless Adapter Card are:

  • With the dual band support, it provides a reliable speed of up to 600Mbps (300Mbps on 2.4Ghz and 300Mbps on 5Ghz) on a WiFi network.
  • It comes with two 6dBi detachable antennas to increase the wireless range with improved signal strength.
  • You do not need to install the drivers if you are using Windows 10/8.1/8 Operating System. It also supports Windows 7/XP as well as Linux OS but requires driver installation.
  • You can connect it with the PCI Express X1, X4, X8, or X16 slot.
  • In the package, you will get one FS-N600 basic edition wireless adapter, two 3dBi antennas, one user manual, one retaining screw, one low-profile bracket, and one user manual.
  • You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty on the product from FebSmart.


  • Works on both, Windows and Linux
  • All things included in the package for the installation
  • The inbuilt Qualcomm chipset helps to get most of the wireless speed with minimum signal loss


  • Signal range is weak
  • Not shipped from the US


7. Ubit Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Adapter Card for PC

Ubit Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Adapter Card for PCEnjoy the ultrafast speeds on your wireless network with the help of the Ubit WiFi adapter card which is specifically designed to work for the needs of web browsing, online game playing, and HD video streaming. It has all the capabilities to claim a spot in this list of the best wireless cards for the Internet and succeeded to get it.

Features of Ubit Wireless Gigabit Network Card are:

  • It has simultaneous dual-band support of 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz which means you do not have to switch between the frequency bands manually and will get speeds of 300Mbps and 1200Mbps respectively.
  • It also supports Bluetooth 4.2 devices for wireless connectivity.
  • You can connect it to any PCI-E slot on your PC from x1, x4, x8, or x16.
  • You do not need to install the drivers to use this adapter card on your desktop PC.
  • The 3-antenna design of this device helps to increase the wireless range and signal quality over the network.
  • The short-circuit preventing feature ensures that the board will not burn out even after the use for a long duration.
  • You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty from the company.


  • Three-antenna design for signal boost
  • Improved signal range and quality
  • All needed things for installation included


  • Not working on AMD CPU
  • Not compatible with Linux


How to install a WiFi PCI-E card on your PC?

You know if you have a USB adapter, then you can simply insert it into the USB slot of the computer, install the driver if required, and then start using it. But, when you are going to install a PCI-E adapter card on the system, then it is a slightly different and a little bit long process. Albeit, it is easy to follow.

See the steps below to install a PCI-Express wireless card on a PC:

  1. The first thing first, turn off your system. This step is evident for any hardware installation, but still, I will remind you to do that.
  2. Now, remove the panel of the computer. Many modern PCs now come with easily removable head cap bolts to do this process easily & quickly.
  3. Look for the PCI/PCI-E slot on the board. If you are doing it for the first time or do not know how it looks, then Google it or read the user manual of your PC.
  4. Most probably, there will be a protective plate on the Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCI-E) slot. Remove that panel by unscrewing it.
  5. Now, take the wireless card and make sure that you align the chips to the bottom of the case. Push the card into the PCI/PCI-E slot.
  6. Fix the card using screws and attach the card with the antennas that came with it.
  7. Close the CPU panel and start your PC.
  8. If you have a plug-and-play wireless PCI-E card, then you will see that the wireless capability of the PC is on. If your card needs a driver, then install it from the CD or the website and enjoy the WiFi network.

The Bottom Line

Ethernet connection works well many times, but the mess of the cables and the compromise of working remotely make it irritating. So, if you love working on your big computer screen and also want to work from a far distance from the router, then the PCI-E WiFi card is the best option.

But, with so many brands and their dozens of products can confuse you for picking up the right device. Don’t be hapless. That’s why I researched a lot and narrated this article. I hope this positively helps you.

Thanks for joining me.

Enjoy the wireless network on your desktop PC.

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